International 411

This page is dedicated to sharing resources listed by country. Some examples would be Gluten free resources or groups such as the Hashimoto’s Australia group. We also welcome useful feedback, tips and resources for those traveling abroad such as Gluten Free restaurants, shops and products.

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  1. naz3000 says:

    hi everyone,

    i am happy to have found this website thanks to mickey trescot’s AIP book.
    does any one have any experience with dr. kharrazian? has anyone been treated by him?

    i am very interested to gather infos. although i am super convinced that he along with chris kresser and surely some others are the best i would still like to have some hints on his work as a patient.

    very grateful to any info. thanks

  2. Alice McDonnell says:

    Hi Naz, we are huge supporters of Dr. Kharazians and in fact, his first book is what inspired the start of the Hashimoto’s 411 group. I have not used Dr Kharazian but have used Dr,. Geronimo who is trained in Dr. Kharazians protocol. A few of our moderators and many group members, even in Europe, have also used him with great success. He does phone and Internet consults which I found to be very effective. My own and other patient reviews are posted on his website.

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