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I need help interpreting results from my recent labs:
TSH 0.73 Range 0.36-3.74
T3 77 Range 75-180
T4Free 0.69 Range 0.76-1.46
TGAb <0.9 Range 0.0-4.0
TPO <28 Range <-60

I was Hypo for several years and was diagnosed with Hashi 6 months ago, Started taking 60 mg of Armour but dr. recently decreased dosage to daily alternating between 30 & 60 mg due to tremors & insomnia. My vit D3 & B12 levels are really low but because they stimulate my body too much, I can only take minimum amounts in a multi vit. I’ve been following the AIP diet for last 3 months. Thank you.

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