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I have suffered debilitating symptoms since 2014, I’m on my 9th doctor now and he’s doing and trying different ways to figure out what’s going on with me. He recently FINALLY diagnosed me with Hashimotos. I have a fluctuating TSH, normal T3 &T4, and high Antibodies . My question is if my T3&T4 are normal how is taking Armour going help my symptoms? Since Armour has both of them in it, wouldn’t it seem to actually make my symptoms worse because it could throw me into Hyper, if I’m given to much, so could someone explain how taking any thyroid drug is going to alleviate my horrible symptoms? My symptoms are, Extreme fatigue to the point I have problems getting out of bed no matter how long I sleep, I also suffer from Add and take Adderall and even then still have NO ENERGY! I have lost a large amount of hair, I am HOT all the time, I have NO STAMINA, simply taking a shower feels like a job, I get out of breath, so weak I can barely wash my back without having to sit down from how weak I am, plus I can’t even stand in the shower for long because my feet become so swollen they start turning purple, my joints and muscles ache constantly, I am in such misery at this moment from how bad my body just hurts, I have shortness of breath to where it’s difficult to catch it and it starts freaking me out, I’ve gained 30lbs out of no where and I don’t even eat much, my Add symptoms are exacerbated, Constipation to the point I can go almost 2 weeks without a movement, I have headaches all the time, dry skin, fluid retention all day,depression caused by my thyroid issue, dry mouth, irritability, I feel like a 95 yr old, and I’m only 36. I have lost the former happy, energetic person that I was, I just want to maybe have a glimmer of hope to find that person again, and I have really struggled with having someone that can relate with what I am going through and need help!

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