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So I finally got in to see my ND to get my hormone test results interpreted.

I have low adrenal function mostly during the first half of the day,
I have extremely low DHEA hormone, low progesterone (resulting in estrogen dominance), low testosterone and low vitamin D. I also have known for a while now that my ferritin is low. My thyroid numbers are fantastic.

All together I will be taking two types of herbal support supplements (one for adrenals and one for testosterone), 2000mg vitamin C & B5 complex to help the adrenals as well, DHEA and progesterone cream. I’m already taking 5000mg vitamin D, DHA omega capsules and iron.

And if I really want to go all out I could keep taking my pro-biotics, L Glutamine. Plus add in some milk thistle (to cleanse the liver and hopefully get rid of my eczema).

I guess I just wanted to rant a little about that. But also hoping for some feedback to make sure my ND put me on the right track. It’s so expensive to take so many supplements.

I am also hoping I could get some suggestions on what type of DHEA to get, brand name perhaps. I can only get it in the USA and will be there this weekend so I will pick some up then.

I also posted this in the 411 FB page but not getting much response. I think that forum is getting so populated it’s easy to go unnoticed!

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