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I’m feeling a bit discouraged as I posted this in another group yesterday and didn’t get a single response – I’m curious if anyone has any input – in addition to my T1 Diabetes I have hypo-thyroid which was secondary to treatment for Graves Disease a little over 11 years ago. Recently (as in over the last year) I’ve had seemingly inexplicable fluctuations in my TSH – like every time my labs are drawn it is way low or way high with only marginally low/high T3/T4 levels so we keep making small adjustments to my Levothyroxine to no avail. Recently I have put on about 30 pounds inexplicably and quickly (like over the last 3 months) as well and I got my Doctor to test my cortisol and reverse T3 as well as thyroid antibodies just to get a better picture of what might be going on. My reverse T3 was in the high normal range and my cortisol was low. As I’ve started looking into possibilities I keep seeing adrenal insufficiency and Addison’s referenced – so I guess I am wondering for those who have experience with either of those as well – what your thoughts may be. Interestingly I started looking​ at Addison’s a few years back when a CT scan showed what they believed were non-hyper-functioning adrenal adenomas. I am confused with the cortisol being low though given how I’ve gained so much weight – I’ve also been beyond exhausted. I mean I can literally sleep ALL day. I am seeing a doctor to go over this all next week btw, too. Just looking for possible input here before hand.

***I suppose I should also share how pervasive AI conditions are in my family. I have 3 kids with T1, Hashimotos, and Celiac (family murals are usually GF because of this) not to mention asthma and food/med allergies. ***

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