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Hello dears,

I am new to this website and I hope I can find some clarity regarding my situation.

I have been suffering from hypothyroid symptoms for a long time and decided to visit an internist in Belgium. I have done a long list of blood test and 24 hour urine test.

The thyroid bloodtest results :
TSH : 1.20 (range: 0.3-4.5)
Free T3: 5.23 (3.23-6.47)
free t4 : 14.53 (9.03-23.22)

24 hour – Thyroid urine test results( it’s a test that shows how much thyroid hormones reaches the cells eventually):
Free t3 541 ( 800-2500) ( Low)
free T4 2060 (550-3160)
cortisol 16 (10-100)

* am also insulin resistance , with high insulin levels in blood
* low temperature in the morning
* My mother , father and brother have thyroid problems, clearly shown in blood test.

According to my doctor, the 24 hour urine test shows a conversion problem. She also said that my low temperature, lack of energy and family history indicates thyroid problem…
The doctor prescribed 100mcg/20 mcg of Novothyral ( based on , family history, symptoms and urine test, not blood test) and had to start off with 1/4 mcg and increase every two weeks. Once I reached 3/4 I felt more energetic, more clarity etc but had fast heartbeat ( even when I am resting). Since I was really worried about my hear rate I decided to visit a doctor locally and he has requested to stop the novothyral immediately as I might damage myself even more. He said that the blood test that are done in Belgium doesn’t show any problem with my thyroid and that he never heard of 24 hour urine test for thyroid. He did another blood test and my TSH was suppressed ( 0.05). I decided to stop the medication and my heart rate is back to normal but am feeling tired again.

My Belgium doctor advised me to stop for a week and then stay on a low dose of 1/4 mcg….

Confusions, confusions , confusions !!! I am not sure whether I have a thyroid problem. How reliable are these 24hour Thyroid urine test ? Does anybody have similar experience with normal blood test and abnormal urine test ? Isn’t it harmful to take thyroid medications based on family history , low temperature and urine test?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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