Who Are We? Meet our Moderators

We are all well-researched Hashimoto’s patients who are happy and eager to share our knowledge and experiences with others, whether newly diagnosed or seeking new ways to treat their autoimmune disease(s). How are we different from the many other Thyroid / Autoimmune disease sites, books and resources?  We’re not selling any books or services of our own but  we see on a daily basis which resources group members and patients find the most useful.  We are constantly learning new things from all of our members, and are grateful to be part of such a supportive and spirited community. We have gained firsthand knowledge of the complexities and individual struggles group members face from their  participation within the group. We are not medical professionals and neither are most of the groups’ members, so we encourage everyone to temper any advice given with their own needs, experience, and the advice of a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

Alice Berry McDonnell started the Hashimoto’s 411 group on Facebook in 2008 after many years of research and active participation in various online thyroid groups.  Having suffered under inadequate treatment for many years , she realized there was a deperate need for a patient group focused on treating the entire autoimmune aspect of Hashimoto’s and to educate others about testing for and treating any and all underlying issues.   She is very proud that Hashimoto’s 411 was the first patient group to  do so and that it has empowered so many to take charge of their own health.  Alice would like to thank the entire team of  moderators for contributing so much of their own free time to share their knowledge and experience for the sake of helping others.

Tamra Westberry has been with Hashimoto’s 411 from the beginning. Since her diagnosis, she’s been working hard toward recovery. Writing as Tara West, she is now an accomplished YA novelist. She enjoys reading, exercising, and educating others about healthy eating.