Our goal is to educate and empower Hashimoto’s patients to treat the underlying autoimmune condition to thereby reduce symptoms and prevent further decline. There are so many Thyroid and Autoimmune related resources and we hope to merge all of these resources here to ease the burden of others who are newly diagnosed or simply new to researching their disease.  We share information for patients by patients. What we’ve seen from patient experience is that mainstream medicine typically only treats the thyroid and in many  cases patients are not even aware that they are dealing with an Autoimmune disease with many possible underlying factors.  These factors usually include food sensitivities, stress, environmental triggers, nutrient deficiencies, and hormone imbalances. Everyone is different and determining your own needs will require some trial-and-error, patience, and determination. To start, we recommend a thorough anti-inflammatory elimination and provocation diet such as the autoimmune protocol. In reducing our intake of likely allergens, we are able to tame our immune system, enable detox, correct blood sugar, hormone, and gut flora imbalances, recover from nutrient deficiencies, and determine our own unique food sensitivities. The process brings us better in tune with our bodies so that we can more clearly establish where our symptoms are coming from.

Hashimoto’s 411 was founded as a Facebook group where patients could discuss and share information with a focus on treating the whole autoimmune disease and any and all underlying conditions. We are proud to have introduced this website as well as a new Facebook Page separate from the group where we are able to highlight and provide further education on trending topics from within  the group.

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  1. Daniella says:

    When someone writes an article he/she maintains the thought of a user in
    his/her mind that how a user can understand it. Therefore
    that’s why this post is outstdanding. Thanks!

  2. Marsha says:

    Can you go to hyper if you have hashimoto? Iam only on 50mg but feel hyper.

    • Darla says:

      With hashi it is typical to swing between hyper and hypo…the key to stopping the swings is to get tuned in to what food/emotional/environment things trigger it. I highly recommend starting with going gluten free and doing an elimination/provocation diet. We recommend the one Dr. Kahrrazian uses with his patients..it can be found under the blog section at thyroidbook.com then go to the auto immune diet page. Hope that helps you get started. You can also join facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/hashimotos411/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/EPDiet411/if you haven’t already.

  3. Tifiny Bruce says:

    I was diagnosed just less than a year ago. Put on over 30 lbs and am currently on 90mg of Armour but still feel exhausted!!! Any suggestions? I am gluten free.

    • Darla says:

      I highly recommend taking diet a step further than gluten free and do an elimination/provocation diet. Sometime the triggers can be more than gluten. We recommend the one Dr. Kharrazian uses with his patients..it can be found under the blog section at thyroidbook.com then go to the auto immune diet page. Hope that helps you get started. You can also join facebook groups https://www.facebook.com/groups/hashimotos411/ and https://www.facebook.com/groups/EPDiet411/if you haven’t already. Next time you do lab work I would check in to making sure you get free t3, free t4, reverse t3 and b12 and vitamin d3 done…low b12 and d3 can impact energy levels…so can cortisol and that needs to be checked via a 24 hour cortisol test. Hope that helps give you some ideas to pinpoint where the energy issues are stemming from.

  4. Tina Bolger says:

    Would love to join as have Hashimotos for 8 yrs and need support as I feel dreadful. Tnx Tina

  5. Teresa Cecil says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashimotos today. Can you point me to where I can read more on a diet to help alleviate symptoms?

  6. Tamara Torres Fuerst says:

    Can you recommend a doctor in the Northern Virginia that is knowledgeable with Hashimoto’s because I cannot find one. Thank you. Tamara

    • Darla says:

      There’s a practitioner locator out on thyroidbook.com…if that doesn’t bring up anyone in your area I highly recommend working with Dr. Geronimo – he’s based out of San Diego but he does long distance phone consults. We started working on addressing my hashi issues back in 2009 and I highly recommend him. Several other people on the 411 FB group have worked with him as well. He’s a great doc! His website is http://www.fecsd.com/ if you want to check it out..he’s got some helpful videos posted there too.

  7. Aileen says:

    I am new to this disease.. I need to learn so much

  8. Christine Guma says:

    I was diagnosed with Hashi’s in 2004 but feel that I have had it since around the age of 16. I am also suffering with Fibro and being tested for Lupus.

  9. Patsi isley says:

    My TPO is in the 800′s. Reverse T3 was 27…other markers in range. But have the morning jitters. Cannot tolerate most meds. Take 50 mcg synthroid. 10 cytomel..100 Selenium. The anxiety is the biggest aggravation. ??? Any suggestions?

    • Darla says:

      What are you doing diet wise? Gluten free? Have you done an elimination provocation diet? I highly recommend starting here: http://thyroidbook.com/blog/autoimmune-gut-repair-diet/ Anxiety can be triggered by a food..it can also be from poor adrenal function.(not being able to tolerate meds is a symptom of adrenal fatigue)..I recommend checking those via a 24 hour saliva test –if your doc doesn’t have them you can order on your own through canaryclub.org. Hope that helps you pinpoint where the anxiety is coming from.

  10. Lisa Plummer says:

    Cool site

  11. Amanda Stoermer says:

    Please add me to your Facebook group.

    Thank you,


  12. Beth Ann says:

    how do I join the group?

  13. Denise says:

    Hello. I have had Hashimotos disease for 22 yrs now I’m on Synthroid, which works pretty good for me. Recently diagnosed with Vitiligo and RA :( I am looking for a genuine support group to join

    • Darla says:

      Welcome to the site Denise! Are you doing anything diet wise to address your symptoms? The diet we highly recommend can be found on thyroidbook.com. Once you’ve had a chance to address the gut I would look in to low dose naltrexone due to you having multiple AI diseases…it can help modulate the immune system. lowdosenaltrexone.org is a great resource and Got Endorphins? is a great facebook group to join as well.

  14. Kristina says:

    I diagnosed myself with Hashimoto’s 4 years ago, and had a doctor confirm. I had multiple symptoms that were incorrectly diagnosed individually for many years, that caused my quality of life to be very poor. I was in constant pain, and had anxiety attacks over something as simple as a rain shower or driving my car. Since starting levothyroxin my health and quality of life has improved greatly. I even became pregnant at 34 for the first time, and delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl! But I still have some difficulties such as tiredness, weight gain, joint aches, and brittle hair. This week my dr checked my vitamin D level and has decided that I should be on a 50,000 unit/ week supplement. I have been researching online and have found that studies have shown a correlation between low Vitamin D and auto-immune disorders such as Hashimoto’s. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if supplementation has made a difference in their lives.

    • Darla says:

      Kristina, Yes, low vitamin D3 levels are very common with auto immune disorders so the majority of us do supplement. I’ve been using Apex Liquid Ultra D since 2009..I take 10K IU per day to keep my levels around 70 (lab range ends at 100). Please double check to ensure that your 50,000 supplement is D3 and not D2. Some doctors prescribe D2 and it’s not the same as D3.

  15. swtalker143 says:

    I went to a holistic chiropractor as I was tired of hearing that my symptoms are in my head. He ran some extensive hormone tests and said to me “Hannah, we have to run some additional tests, but it’s pointing to Hashimoto”. The only thing that came up abnormal as he sent me the lab work was my Thyrogolubin which was 1.0, my WBC was 2+ and my vitamin D 25-Hydroxy was only 20.9. I will be getting a 24 hour cortisol test this coming week as well a 96 allergy test. When all lab is back I will be seeking an endocrinologist for a second opinion. I do have to add that I feel like the Chiropractor is on the right track, but I’m not a doctor. So with this all said can someone please add their 2 cents here and tell me whether they agree with the lab results and if someone could recommend a great endocrinologist in Broward or Palm Beach county Florida it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and I hope you are all on the way to a speedy recovery.

    • Darla says:

      It sounds like you are on the right track with the lab work you’re having run. I’ve not had good experiences with endo’s when it comes to hashimoto’s because they don’t address the auto immune system as a whole…they barely have an understanding of the thyroid because most of them specialize in diabetes to begin with. You may have better luck getting a second opinion from a different functional medicine doc…thyroidbook.com has a practitioner finder and so does functionalmedicine.org We also have a list of recommended docs on the Hashimoto’s 411 Facebook group page. There are also doctors who do long distance phone consults – I worked with Dr. Rommel Geronimo and have been very happy with him. His website is fescd.com if you are interested.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I need help finding a supportive doctor in the Sacramento, CA area, any suggestions?

    • Darla says:

      Elizabeth, You could try going to thyroidbook.com and use the practitioner finder on that page to see if there’s a doctor near you. I worked with Dr. Rommel Geronimo via long distance consults and highly recommend him as well. His website is http://www.fecsd.com/. We also have some doc recommendations on the Hashi 411 group files section on Facebook. Good luck!

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